Financial Services for Condominium and Homeowners Associations

Juda, Eskew and Associates give associations real time access to accurate financial information so they are able to make better informed decisions that impact the greater good of the ownership.

We work with your Association

Juda, Eskew, and Associates work under the direction of the Board of Directors but also in conjunction with your Property Manager and/or Management Company. When you engage us along with a Management Company, it frees up your manager’s time to manage the everyday tasks of the management and maintenance of your association.

It further strengthens your association’s internal quality controls by segregating the financial responsibilities. You do not have the same company determining how your money needs to be spent and being responsible for handling the accounting records.

Monthly Services




Our firm provides payment coupons and envelopes for each homeowner in order for them to send their maintenance payments to the bank’s designated lockbox for deposit of these funds on a regular basis.

We coordinate all activity with the lockbox including stop files for legal accounts and provide database access to the lockbox for processing verification purposes.

We also provide an electronic funds transfer for those owners desiring that type of payment.

We accept maintenance payments by credit cards and e-checks through our web-site. The Associations bank accounts as well as the homeowner’s ledger accounts are updated daily through secured encrypted electronic downloads.


On a twice monthly basis, after the fifteenth and the last day of the month cutoffs, we mail first request delinquency letters and follow-up with second request letters at the end of the month.

We will turn the account over to the Associations attorney based on the timing policy set by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors, Manager, Association’s attorney, as well as anyone else designated by the board will have direct internet access to the homeowners’ account ledgers through our secured web site.

If different cutoff dates for delinquency letters or turnover to the attorney to pursue collections are required, we will change the dates in accordance with the Board’s directives.


Upon receipt of Association’s invoices, which have been approved by the Board of Directors or the manager, as your policy so dictates, we will prepare all checks to vendors.

The Association can elect to electronically approve vendor payments along with all applicable documentation and research capabilities through our proprietary client portal.

The Association also has the option of receiving physical checks along with original invoices to be delivered and signed by the Board of Directors. The invoices will be picked up and the checks will be delivered to your association or management company based on an agreed upon schedule, through a courier service, at no additional charge.

All checks will be computer generated. We also maintain vendor electronic payments and on-line payments as available.


We prepare a monthly budget to actual compiled financial statement for the Association. These statements are prepared on an accrual basis.

We will provide a detailed general ledger and general journal which includes cash receipts and disbursement journals, as well as check registers. We also reconcile all bank statements, on a monthly basis.

These financial statements are custom designed, on a line-by-line basis, to coincide with the categories of your budget. If more detail is required, it can be customized to your needs.


State passes law granting access to Association Documents…

Effective January 1, 2019, Florida Statute is requiring condominium associations with 150 or more units to make certain association documents available online. We have been working diligently with our in-house programmers to provide a monitored and secured web-site that will be compliant. In addition we will continually update the site as the law evolves.

In this new portal the Owners will have the ability to view and print all the Association documents that are currently published and as new content is added.

We are now offering websites with these services that can also be custom tailored to accommodate your associations’ specific needs. Please contact: Kim Juda @ 954-577-9700 for more information and pricing.


The Association has the ability to view all owners’ payment accounts on our secure system as well as the ability to print reports. In addition, a wide array of historical financial source documents such as checks, invoices, spreadsheets, year-end financials and many other related documents are available on the internet.

All records can be accessed through our secure website login specifically for your Association.

Annual Services



We prepare annual audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements.


We assist the Board of Directors and/or the Property Manager, with regard to the preparation of the Association’s annual operating budget. This includes worksheets detailing the actual expenses and projection of expenses through the end of each year as related to the budgeted figures.


We prepare corporate and personal income tax returns, payroll tax returns, sales tax returns and intangible and tangible tax returns.  For associations’ income tax calculations are performed to determine the appropriate form to be filed.

Specialized Consulting Services

  • Association start-up
  • Developer turnover
  • Emergency recovery
  • Insurance proceeds recovery
  • Bank loan application
  • Board elections
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Receiverships
  • Litigation support
  • Computer consulting
  • Other agreed upon procedures that may be required.